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Wax, Shatter, Moon Rocks, Crumble, Terp Sauce


Shatter is a solid substance, which resembles a honey-colored glass shard. When tapped with a dab tool, it breaks into pieces or “shatters,” get it? Shatter is one of the most recognized concentrates, is easy to manipulate and is far less messy than other varieties of concentrates or extracts. Some Shatter is more pliable / gooey like taffy.

ON SALE $22.00 per gram

Super Glue - Hybrid
Gelato - Hybrid
Wedding Cake - Indica Dominant Hybrid
Animal Mints - Hybrid

Tha Honey Badgers Crumble - 1 gram

$25.00 per gram

Apple Fritter Crumble
Oreoz Crumble
GMO (Garlic Cookies) Crumble


Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are a form of cannabis that shouldn’t be underestimated. They were made for connoisseurs looking for a way to elevate their smoking experience. Unless you consume concentrated cannabis on the regular, smoking some Moon Rocks is bound to be a trip. You’ll want water, snacks and good vibes around if you’re trying them for the first time. To learn more follow this link to Wiki Leaf: Cannabis Moon Rocks.

Moon Rocks are made by taking a flower / bud, dipping it in cannabis oil, then rolling it in kief.

Cannabis Moon Rocks

The open jar on the left shows a Moon Rock I broke open and the other one shows how they come.

Each Moon Rock weighs one gram and contains 25% flower, 65% Cannabis Oil, 10% Kief

$22.00 each

Strain / Flavor
I Love You
Sunset Forever
Tommy White
Winter Is Coming
Birthday Cake



Pure Cannabis Oil Syringes

Each medical grade glass syringe contains one gram of oil.

$30.00 each

Strain Type